Best Touch-and-Feel Books for Babies

Keeping little hands busy and developing minds learning!

As a parent, you will read tons of books to your children. There was a point when I could recite “The Little Blue Truck” and countless other children’s books from memory!

While toddlers and older children can love reading time, babies are a different story (pun intended). Since they don’t have as long of an attention span and aren’t able to be as interactive, reading to a baby can often feel one-sided and monotonous.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to spice up reading time with a baby: touch-and-feel books! They stimulate curiosity about the world, develop motor skills, and encourage the use of senses.

As my wife and I prepare for another baby to enter our family, we decided to expand our touch-and-feel book collection. If you’re also looking to add to your baby’s bookshelf, here are the titles and publishers we recommend the most – hope this helps!


Alphaprints is a really unique collection of touch-and-feel books from Priddy Books. They feature textured fingerprints that are embossed. Combined with bright colors and fun images, Alphaprints is a welcome change of pace from the traditional touch-and-feel book. Here’s what the “Dinoshapes” book looks like:

We have every Alphaprints book out there! These other titles are great additions to your bookshelf too:

Make Believe Ideas

Another publisher with unique touch-and-feel books, Make Believe Ideas has some fantastic options. My older daughter’s favorite is “Never Touch a Dragon!” – she loves the silly rhymes and cartoonish pictures. These books feature silicone textures, all slightly varied to keep those little minds interested!

We also added these to our touch-and-feel book collection:

Imagine That

Grooved, raised, and indented pictures make these two titles from Imagine That so much fun for babies! “One and Two” teaches number counting, while “Red and Blue” teaches colors.


Usborne has an entire line of touch-and-feel books called “Touchy-Feely.” While they tend to contain the more traditional fluffy/furry patches of cloth, with almost 70 titles to choose from you’re bound to find the one that’s right for your baby!

We also added these cute options to our touch-and-feel book collection:


The selection of “If I were a…” books from Jellycat will definitely entertain your babies. Best of all, each has a furry tail sticking out from the top of the book that will quickly become your baby’s favorite thing in the world! Plus, they have just about every animal covered, from monkeys to pandas to unicorns:

Eric Carle

Celebrated author and illustrator Eric Carle has many wonderful children’s books. “My First Busy Book” is a favorite touch-and-feel book on our shelves:

Priddy Books

While I mentioned Alphaprints earlier, Priddy Books has many additional and exceptional touch-and-feel books. Here are the titles we’ve read the most with our babies:

Did this help you find touch-and-feel books for your baby’s book collection? What other touch-and-feel books do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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