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Here you’ll find guides, tutorials, and commentary to all the projects I encounter in life. Explore featured projects, search for a specific project, or browse all projects. I have detailed instructions – with clear steps and accompanying photos – so you know how things are supposed to look every step of the way.


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I jumped into my new gig as a stay-at-home dad in 2017. Wanting to support my wife and her career after our first child was born, I told her not to worry: I got this! At the same time, our family moved into our first house.

Well, it turns out children and houses have something in common: they both require a lot of work. On the one hand, I was always trying to stay one step ahead of our child as she was constantly figuring out how to do things like barge through baby gates as if they weren’t even there. And on the other hand, our house always needed something repaired or renovated.

No matter where I turned, there was always a project to do!


With a can-do attitude, some optimism, and quite a bit of perseverance and hard work, I started figuring out how to solve these projects on my own. Plus, I’m an engineer. Problem solving is kind of my thing. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

About Projects by Peter

Eventually word spread about my projects around the neighborhood and various parent groups. Neighbors wondered if I was a stealth architect or contractor when I built my children an epic playground. Parents wanted to know what magic I used to have all our children sleep through the night by the time they were three months old.

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So, in 2021, I started Projects by Peter. I put this site together to chronicle how I solve all the little projects that pop up in life. Hopefully this site gives you a blueprint you can easily follow, or at least some ideas or inspiration. Occasionally you’ll see posts about topics that aren’t my usual projects, but they’re stories that I’d like to share with you too!

About Me

Engineer by trade, runner by avocation, musician at heart, supportive husband, and dedicated family man.


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