The Tree That Time Forgot

My son and I enjoyed a lovely spring morning on the playground in our backyard earlier today. Birds were chirping and the sun was shining. It was warm, but not hot. A gentle breeze blew through the tree leaves. A woodpecker – somewhere nearby – made its presence known.

He’ll never remember this morning, but I won’t forget it. I relish these mornings. Because I know that moments like these are numbered. He’ll grow up faster than I can comprehend. He already has!

But this morning, time stood still for a moment. Swinging with him on a tree swing (his favorite thing to do), I took this photograph:

Black and white photograph of a large tree in the middle of a forest
The Tree That Time Forgot

I named this picture (and this post) after a book by botanist Peter Crane titled Ginkgo: The Tree That Time Forgot. It’s actually a pretty good book! Crane talks about the history of the ginkgo tree, and highlights the cultural and social significance of the ginkgo (medicinal/nutritional uses, its value as a source of artistic and religious inspiration, and so on).

If your children have grown up and you’re still outside enjoying beautiful spring mornings (possibly even on a tree swing!), perhaps this book will keep you company one morning:

Does this photograph speak to you? Have you read Ginkgo: The Tree That Time Forgot by Peter Crane? Let me know in the comments below!

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