Banana Mango Smoothie

A cool, refreshing treat on warm days!

With the warm weather of Spring finally here, my family is back to making smoothies. And our all-time favorite is this Banana Mango Smoothie:

Banana mango smoothie in a glass cup with two raspberries and a spoon
Banana mango smoothies are a perfect treat on warm days!

While my wife and I used to enjoy the occasional smoothie, we didn’t really make them regularly until we transitioned our older daughter to solid foods. She was quite the picky eater, and during our search for foods that she would eat we found smoothies were one of the rare foods that she would unhesitatingly consume. We’ve been a smoothie-making family ever since!

Here’s our recipe for Banana Mango Smoothies. Enjoy!


The secret ingredient to the perfect smoothie is this particular vanilla soy milk:

We’ve tried other types of vanilla soy milk, as well as regular reduced-fat milk, but none make as good of a smoothie as the Silk vanilla soy milk.

Oatmeal is a nice way to add texture to and thicken the smoothie. My wife and I (and most adults) prefer the Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute Oats. However, if children will also be having the smoothie, we have found that they do not enjoy the added texture of the Quaker Oats. So we switch to the Gerber Banana Oatmeal if children will also be having the smoothie, as it doesn’t add texture to the smoothie.

Lastly, we add yogurt to further thicken the smoothie, as well as to add some additional protein. Our family is a big fan of Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt. It comes in several different flavors, but we tend to add either the Gili Cherry or the Monterey Strawberry in the smoothie.


The right blender makes all the difference when making smoothies. Do yourself a favor and get a really high-quality, professional-grade blender. We use this Vitamix blender:

It will instantly blend all of the ingredients! No more needing to pause and stir the ingredients mid-blend.

Step 1: Blend all of the non-frozen ingredients

It’s important to add the non-frozen ingredients to the blender first so you don’t overload the blender’s motor! Add the bananas, milk, oatmeal, and yogurt. Quickly blender these ingredients.

Step 2: Blend in the frozen mango chunks

You can control how thick you want the smoothie to be with how much frozen mango you add. The more you add, the thicker the smoothie will be. The less you add, the more watery the smoothie will be. We personally enjoy very thick smoothies, so we fill the blender container up to the brim with frozen mango chunks.

Blend until all of the ingredients are pureed.

Step 3: Garnish and serve!

Some fresh fruit is always a nice touch on top of a smoothie!

Banana mango smoothie in a glass cup with two raspberries and a spoon
Fresh raspberries on top of the banana mango smoothie!


Did you try this smoothie recipe? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below!

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