Two Stones in a Lake: A Poem by Peter

Tucked behind dunes and hidden from the bustling activity of a nearby restaurant, there is a narrow stretch of beach in Montauk, New York known for stunning sunsets. Popularly known as “Sunset Beach,” I found myself on its shores viewing and admiring a picturesque sunset. Photographing this moment in time, I was inspired to write the following poem about the experience, entitled “Two Stones in a Lake.” The title is derived form the two prominent stones protruding out of the water, as you can see in the photo.


Picturesque sunset overlooking the sea at Sunset Beach in Montauk, New York
Poem inspired by this picturesque sunset. Photo taken at “Sunset Beach” in Montauk, New York.
Two Stones in a Lake
by Peter

Two stones in a lake;
One big, one small.
The waves undulate,
Dark skies befall.

"You there, little stone.
Look here, at me.
I am fully-grown,
Surely you see."

"In height, I'm quite tall.
My strength, in excess.
The waves rise and fall,
Yet I'm ageless!"

"But you, little stone,
Smaller than I.
Sit there like a crone
Waiting to die."

Some time carried on
Before reply.
As dusk became dawn,
The sun now up high.

"I once was like you,"
Small stone replied.
"Full-grown, and strong too;
Ingrained with pride."

"With time, I grew old.
Notions shifted.
Wisdom taking hold,
Hubris lifted."

"Smaller, yes it's true.
Weaker, that too.
But I have a view
Clearer than you."

"The waves don't subject
Or cause great strife.
But smooth imperfect
edges in life."

"The best parts of me
are left behind.
Absolved, I am free.
My soul refined."

"For life to be pure,
You need much less.
And then, I'm sure,
You'll find happiness."

One stone in a lake,
The small no more.
The waves undulate
On the lakeshore.

What does aging mean to you? What life lessons and wisdom have you learned along the way? Please share and leave a comment below.

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