Elsa is Jesus! Religious Symbolism in the Frozen Movies

It’s too noticeable to ignore!

My older daughter is utterly obsessed with the character of Elsa from the Frozen movies. So we watch them a lot. With the films endlessly on repeat in our house, I can’t say they hold much entertainment value for me anymore (my daughter, on the other hand, still can’t get enough of them). Now I just watch for Easter eggs and things I’ve overlooked.

As Frozen 2 was ending for the 39th time this year (it’s only February…), it suddenly dawned on me: Elsa is Jesus! She’s a carbon copy of a Christ figure. Furthermore, there’s a lot of other religious symbolism in the films. Read on to see the similarities!

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Elsa dies and is resurrected

Toward the end of Frozen 2, Elsa travels too deep into the river Ahtohallan and is frozen (I’m not sure how someone who has magical ice powers can get frozen, but that’s beside the point). Soon enough, she comes back to life after Anna destroys the infamous dam. Pretty similar to Jesus dying and coming back to life soon afterward!

Elsa can bring back people from the dead

Through some mysterious connection, Olaf also dies when Elsa is frozen in Frozen 2. Later, she comes back to life uses her powers to bring back Olaf from the dead. Identical to one of Christ’s most famous miracles – the raising of Lazarus!

Elsa has other magical powers too

Bringing back Olaf from the dead is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). Elsa can create and control snow, ice, and all things frozen! And she uses her powers to awesome effect – just like Jesus had the ability to perform astonishing miracles.

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Elsa can walk on water

Once Elsa tames the water spirit in Frozen 2, she earns the ability to walk on water (or ride the water spirit horse on water). One of Christ’s most recognizable feats was walking on water!

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Elsa has faithful disciples

In the Frozen movies, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven are Elsa’s devoted followers, or disciples. In the ultimate act of love, Anna even sacrifices her life for Elsa in the first Frozen movie. Jesus had his own group of disciples, and many also died for Jesus as martyrs!

Elsa is “the one”

In Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna learn about a fifth spirit who will save the world by uniting the people of Arendelle with the magic of nature. Surprise, the fifth spirit is Elsa! She’s the one – just like Jesus was the Chosen One!

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Elsa saves the people of Arendelle

After the dam breaks in Frozen 2, a tidal wave is sent hurtling toward Arendelle. Elsa is able to stop the wave (just in time, or course), thus saving the city and all its people. Jesus, too, saved all of humanity!

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Elsa rides into a city dressed in all white

After saving Arendelle, Elsa rides into the city on her horse and dressed in all white. Plus, she has a definite heavenly light shining down on her. Jesus, too, had a triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Most portrayals have Jesus dressed in all white, too, and atop a donkey (kind of like a horse)!

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There’s a Judas figure too

When we first meet Hans in the original Frozen movie, he’s a good guy. Think again! He betrays all those he supposedly loves in an attempt to grab the throne and become king. Sounds an awful lot like Judas, doesn’t it?

Do you agree that there’s overt religious symbolism in the Frozen movies? Or have I seen them so many times that my brain has been fried? Let me know in the comments below!

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