Tightening Loose Face Masks

When the coronavirus pandemic first started, I ordered face masks for my older daughter. She was still pretty young, though, and while they were for children the face masks were still too big for her three-year-old head. They would frustratingly slide down her nose or slip off her ears. I needed to make the face masks safer and more comfortable for her.

There is a really simple solution, and you can easily do the same for your children’s face masks! All you have to do is tighten the ear loops with a knot. In the below picture, I have tightened the ear loop on the right. In comparison, the ear loop on the left has not been tightened, and you can see how much bigger it is:

Face mask on a wooden table top
Tighten a loose face mask with knots in the ear loops, as seen in the ear loop on the right.

You also have the flexibility to tie the ear loop knots closer or father away from the actual face mask, allowing you to further adjust the fit of the mask.

These are the face masks I use for my daughter – they’re the only ones she’ll keep on!

Did this help you tighten your loose face masks? Did you find another solution? Let me know in the comments below!

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