Shoveling Snow Quickly and Easily

You’ll remember this simple trick every winter!

Shoveling snow is time-consuming and tiring. And the longer your driveway, the worse it gets. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You probably have one of these in your garage: a sled. Time to break it out and put it to work for you!

Step 1

Grab a sled.

The bigger it is and the higher the walls are, the better. Here’s one my kids use:

Empty green sled in snow on a driveway
Use a sled to make shoveling snow quicker and easier!

Step 2

Fill the sled up with snow.

Then give it a push down your driveway, dump it over, and repeat.

Green sled full of snow on a driveway
Fill the sled with snow! It can carry a lot more snow than a shovel.

Depending on the size of the sled, you can easily get six to eight shovel loads of snow in the sled. That beats one shovel! This will drastically cut the time you’ll be out there shoveling. Plus, your back will thank you – the sled does most of the work!

Did you give this a try? What do you do to shovel snow faster and easier? Let me know in the comments below!

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