Valentine’s Day Cards

Simple, quick, and free!

Every February, my daughter has to make a Valentine’s Day Card for each student and teacher at her preschool. The first time I had to do this, I didn’t even know what a Valentine’s Day Card was, let alone how to make one!

Well, a Valentine’s Day Card is simply a small piece of paper (around the size of a post-it-note) with a “To” and “From,” and a picture or design of some sort. You can buy them online or at stores, but why spend the money? I’ll show you how to make them easily and for free!

Step 1

Search online for a theme that interests your child.

Over the years, my daughter was really into Daniel Tiger, The Octonauts, and Frozen. So searches I’ve used are “daniel tiger valentines day cards,” “octonauts valentines day cards,” and “frozen valentines day cards.”

The example I’ll be using is with an Octonauts search.

Step 2

Look at the image results, and save whatever pictures you find that you like and are good quality.

Step 3

This is an optional step, depending on the picture itself. Sometimes you will need to open the image with a photo editor and clean it up or crop it. Try to look for pictures that you don’t have to edit – it saves you time!

Step 4

Print the picture. Then cut the individual cards and fill out the To/From. You can also flip the card over and write a more personalized message too!

Sheet of Valentine's day cards with one cut out with scissors
Print the picture from your search. Label and cut the individual cards.

I print the picture using photo paper (it’s better for the next step). If you don’t have any lying around, you can get some here:

Otherwise, print on plain paper.

The printer I use has three Print Quality settings: Draft, Normal, and Best. I always use Normal for these types of projects. Draft can result in print outs that are too low quality, and there’s no need to waste ink with Best.

Step 5

Don’t forget a treat! I tape a pack of fruit snacks to each card.

Valentine's day cards with fruit snacks taped to them
Attach a treat to make every kid happy!

If your pantry doesn’t have these in bulk, get some here:

Or attach your snack of choice.

Crayons are also an excellent non-snack option:

Teachers deserve a token of appreciation, too! I replace the fruit snacks with a stick of lip balm for their cards – perfect for the cold winter months.

Step 6

Repeat every February, or when your younger kids reach school age!

Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

How did it go? What do you do for Valentine’s Day Cards? Let me know in the comments below!

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